• Title: The Jews and Their Future: A Conversation on Judaism and Jewish Identities
  • Author: Esther Benbassa, Jean-Christophe Attias
  • Released: 2004-05-07
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN: 1842773909
  • ISBN13: 978-1842773901
  • ASIN: 1842773909
From Two professors of Jewish history and culture examine the foundations of Jewish culture, where it is now, and where it may go in the future. They explore such related subjects as what it means to be a Jew, modernity and Jewish identity, anti-Semitism, Jewish nationalism and Zionism, secularization and Jewish ethics, and the role of Jewish women. They also discuss such theses as the diaspora and Israeli identities, the state of Israel as seen from inside and from the diaspora, and what they call intellectual freedom and the weight of conformism. Their concern is with the future of the Jews, a future they view with some optimism, but--they warn--"let us not get too carried away." Benbassa and Attias, authors of Israel, the Impossible Land (2003), have written a compelling book that offers a new and penetrating understanding of the major issues involving the Jews and their future. George Cohen
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Review 'This duo have a real penchant for provoking their readers. They love to shake old certainties and orthodoxies. And in this new book, they have transcended themselves by penning a magnificently iconoclastic dialogue.' - Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Le Nouvel Observateur 'Readers will be grateful to these authors for having opened up, and so richly, the 'Jewish Question' today -- highlighting the situation of Jewish people in the Diaspora.' - Sylvain Cypel, Le Monde 'This book positively invites debate. But on condition one first recognises the deep knowledge and openminded spirit that inspires it.' - L'Histoire 'These authors share a common passion for the history of Judaism, and an equal repugnance for prejudices, taboos, even panic that characterizes Judaism when it thinks it is under attack. Taking the form of a dialogue in the manner of certain old rabbinical texts, even socratic, they whisper their disquiet (intellectual, even spiritual) at the self-indulgence contemporary Judaism tends to engage in more than it would like to admit.' - Jean-Luc Allouche, Liberation 'What does it mean to be Jewish today? Is it to live in the cocoon of the Shoah and the fear of a resurgence of fascism? Is it to cover one's head, to support Sharon? Or is it to have a sense of belonging across boundaries? To answer these questions, the authors revisit the iconic images of the diaspora, zionism, anti-semitism, and also of the 'Jewish mother', the tensions between ashkenazi and sephardic Jews --- and deconstruct them with a delicate hand.' - Francois Dufay, Le Point

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