• Title: Red-Inked Retablos (Camino del Sol)
  • Released: 2013-03-14
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 168
Review “Blurs the seeming duality in creative nonfiction between the expository and the personal.” – Daniel Chacón, author of Unending Rooms

“These beautifully written personal essays pay tribute to the people and events that influence González’s work as a poet, writer, critic, and literary activist. This work is also a call to action, an invitation, and a hope for the next generation of scholars to keep up with the flourishing literary production by Latino mariposa writers.”—Emmy Pérez, author of Solstice 

“In these fierce essays, Rigoberto Gonzalez asserts his place in the English language canon as a queer Chicano writer – not a hyphenated person, but a whole person. He has fought for this space, and just try to take it from him. Rather than a bitter recounting, Rigo shows us what makes literature worthwhile: compassion. By becoming an outstanding writer, mentor, and critic, he has become a model for all of us."—Kathleen Alcalá, author of The Desert Remembers My Name

"A sharp collection of 13 pieces—personal essays, literary criticism, and speeches—this book pleasantly mixes lyricism with clear-eyed frankness. Poet González, author of the memoir Butterfly Boy, writes beautifully and searingly about his experiences as a gay Latino, and the work of his fellow queer and Latina/o writers. It's to González's credit that his essays and literary criticism share similarities, intelligently analyzing his own experiences in the former, and foregrounding the raw connections people have with books in the latter. In recounting his experiences and arguments, González's voice finds a wonderful synergy, staying intimate, compassionate, and uncompromising."—Publishers Weekly

Book Description This frank new collection masterfully combines accounts from González’s personal life with reflections on writers who have influenced him. The collection offers an in-depth meditation on the development of gay Chicano literature and the responsibilities of the Chicana/o writer.

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