• Title: The Millionaire and the Mummies: Theodore Davis's Gilded Age in the Valley of the Kings
  • Released: 2013-06-25
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 382
  • ASIN: B009LRWH36

"It’s high time we had a biography of Theodore Davis, the eccentric millionaire who cut a wide swath in Egyptology (and elsewhere) during the 1900’s. Was he as big a crook as some of us suspected? John Adams has the answer!"- Dr. Barbara Mertz, author of "Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs" and, as Elizabeth Peters, of the "Amelia Peabody" mystery series.

"Theodore Davis, a flamboyant American millionaire, was responsible for some of the most provocative discoveries ever in Egyptian archaeology, and an accessible authoritative biography of this curious, remarkable man is long overdue. John Adams tells the story of Davis with substance and enthusiasm in his enjoyable book, which should greatly appeal to anyone with an interest in Ancient Egypt and the exploration of its remains."– Donald P. Ryan, archaeologist and excavator in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings."A contemporary of the famed Heinrich Schliemann, the excavator of Troy and Mycenae, the discoveries of Davis in the Valley of the Kings were no less spectacular and scientifically important . . . The author of this welcome biography lays bare the hitherto obscure details of Theodore Davis’s private life and earlier career in the legal profession and his acquisition of considerable wealth."- Geoffrey T. Martin, Edwards Professor of Egyptology Emeritus, University College, London"Theodore Davis has always been something of a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character for Egyptologists – lauded by some as a sponsor of some of the greatest discoveries, reviled by others as little better than a bungling tomb-raider. At long last, John Adams has untangled the truth from the fiction that has built up around Davis and allows him to be assessed a human being and genuine lover of ancient Egypt."- Dr. Aidan Dodson, University of Bristol and author of Amarna Sunset: Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Ay, Horemheb and the Egyptian Counter-Reformation"Evocative, erudite, irresistibly readable, THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE MUMMIES brilliantly brings to life one of the key movers of the golden age of Egyptian archaeology. It is that most rare of beasts; an exhaustively researched page-turner. An utterly compelling account of a completely extraordinary man."- Paul Sussman, best-selling author of The Lost Army of Cambyses and The Labyrinth of Osiris "Theodore M. Davis: while the name may be one of the best known in Egyptian archaeology, the personality behind it has for too long proved elusive. Thanks to John Adams we now have the story – and, my, what an interesting man Mr. Davis turns out to have been!"--Nicholas Reeves, author of The Complete Tutankhamun

"This fascinating tale, told with panache, is a must-read for anyone interested in ancient Egypt, archaeology, art, and the history of collecting. Theodore Davis was a compelling rogue, a robber baron and rabid excavator whose finds are among the most important and arresting from ancient Egypt. This book is an entertaining and enlightening romp, revealing not only Davis’s life but also the highlights of his career as an archaeologist in Egypt."- Salima Ikram, Professor of Egyptology, American University in Cairo

About the Author

JOHN M. ADAMS is director emeritus of the Orange County Public Library. He has served on the Board and Executive Committee of the American Research Center in Egypt (the professional organization for U.S. Egyptologists) and founded the Southern California Chapter of ARCE and served as its president. He is a regular contributor to Kmt: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt.  He edited the Egyptological newsletter Sedjem for five years. He lives in Winchester, Illinois.

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