• Title: Autonomic Nervous System Dynamics for Mood and Emotional-State Recognition: Significant Advances in Data Acquisition, Signal Processing and Classification (Series in BioEngineering)
  • Author: Gaetano Valenza, Enzo P. Scilingo
  • Released: 2013-12-31
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 195
  • ISBN: 3319026380
  • ISBN13: 978-3319026381
  • ASIN: 3319026380
From the Back Cover This monograph reports on advances in the measurement and study of autonomic nervous system (ANS) dynamics as a source of reliable and effective markers for mood state recognition and assessment of emotional responses. Its primary impact will be in affective computing and the application of emotion-recognition systems.
Applicative studies of biosignals such as:
  • electrocardiograms;
  • electrodermal responses;
  • respiration activity;
  • gaze points; and
  • pupil-size variation

are covered in detail, and experimental results explain how to characterize the elicited affective levels and mood states pragmatically and accurately using the information thus extracted from the ANS.
Nonlinear signal processing techniques play a crucial role in understanding the ANS physiology underlying superficially noticeable changes and provide important quantifiers of cardiovascular control dynamics. These have prognostic value in both healthy subjects and patients with mood disorders. Moreover, Autonomic Nervous System Dynamics for Mood and Emotional-State Recognition proposes a novel probabilistic approach based on the point-process theory in order to model and characterize the instantaneous ANS nonlinear dynamics providing a foundation from which machine “understanding” of emotional response can be enhanced.
Using mathematics and signal processing, this work also contributes to pragmatic issues such as emotional and mood-state modeling, elicitation, and non-invasive ANS monitoring. Throughout the text a critical review on the current state-of-the-art is reported, leading to the description of dedicated experimental protocols, novel and reliable mood models, and novel wearable systems able to perform ANS monitoring in a naturalistic environment.
Biomedical engineers will find this book of interest, especially those concerned with nonlinear analysis, as will researchers and industrial technicians developing wearable systems and sensors for ANS monitoring.

About the Author Associate Professor Scilingo has worked for several years in the field of wearable monitoring systems, signal processing, human-computer interfaces and biomedical applications. He is author of hundreds of international scientific contributions in these fields and currently he is coordinating a European project focused on personalized health systems for mental care. More specifically, patients suffering from mood disorders are monitored by means of wearable systems acquiring a wide set of physiological signals and other behavioural and environmental parameters. Most of the results reported in this book are achieved within the framework of this project In addition to his primary appointment at the University of Pisa, Doctor Valenza is also working with the Neuroscience Statistics Research Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, (MA, USA), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, (MA, USA) to study point-process models of cardiovascular and neural dynamics.

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