• Title: Sampling and Surveying Radiological Environments
  • Author: Mark E. Byrnes
  • Released: 2000-09-19
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 440
  • ISBN: 1566703646
  • ISBN13: 978-1566703642
  • ASIN: 1566703646
Private landowners or Federal Agencies responsible for cleaning up radiological environments are faced with the challenge of clearly defining the nature and extent of radiological contamination, implementing remedial alternatives, then statistically verifying that cleanup objectives have been met. Sampling and Surveying Radiological Environments provides the how-tos for designing and implementing cost effective and defensible sampling programs in radiological environments, such as those found in the vicinity of uranium mine sites, nuclear weapons production facilities, nuclear reactors, radioactive waste storage and disposal facilities, and nuclear accidents. It includes a CD-ROM that walks you through the EPA's Data Quality Objectives(DQO) procedures and provides electronic templates you can complete and print.
Sampling and Surveying Radiological Environments addresses all of the major topics that will assist you in designing and implementing statistically defensible sampling programs in radiological environments, including:
  • Summary of the major environmental laws and regulations that apply to radiological sites, and advice on regulatory interfacing
    · Internet addresses where you can find regulations pertaining to each States
  • Theory of radiation detection and definitions of common radiological terminology
  • Statistics and statistical software that apply to the environmental industry
  • Details on commercially available radiological instrumentation and detection systems
  • Building decontamination and decommissioning, radiological and chemical equipment decontamination procedures, and tank/drum/remote characterization
  • Standard operating procedures for collecting environmental media samples
  • Guidance on sample preparation, documentation, and shipment
  • Guidance on data verification/validation, radiological data management, data quality assessment (DQA)
    · An electronic template to assist you in implementing the EPA's seven step DQO procedure and in the writing of a DQO Summary Report, and Sampling and Analysis Plan
    · Recommendations for developing a Sampling and Analysis Plan
    · Guidance on developing statistical sampling and survey designs
  • Guidance on developing integrated sampling and survey designs
  • Capabilities of various statistical sampling design software packages along with Internet addresses for web pages where statistical software can be downloaded at no cost to you
  • Effectiveness of various scanning and direct measurement methods
    Sampling and Surveying Radiological Environments provides you with the most cost effective methods and technologies for sampling, characterizing, and remediating radiologically contaminated environments. It includes guidance on how to design programs using radiological screening technologies and statistical sampling approaches to meet the data quality objectives while minimizing cost.

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