• Title: Introduction to Air Transport Economics: From Theory to Applications
  • Author: Bijan Vasigh, Ken Fleming, Thomas Tacker
  • Released: 2013-01-28
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 472
  • ISBN: 1409454878
  • ISBN13: 978-1409454878
  • ASIN: 1409454878
Review Comments on the first edition:'This is a landmark textbook in airline economics as, for the first time, disparate information from various economic disciplines is integrated with key institutional factors that affect the industry. Basic material is presented in an easy-to-read and understand format with plenty of real-world situations. Much of the material in this book cannot be found in other sources. I highly recommend this book.'Darryl Jenkins, Ohio State Airline Operations Center, USA'This book represents a thorough and comprehensive coverage of the key topics in aviation economics by applying fundamental theories and methods available in micro-economics and industrial organization economics. This book also treats excellently the current policy and strategic issues facing policy makers, airlines, airports and other professionals in aviation. This is a rare book that combines both theory and applications in a very meaningful way. As such, I recommend it very strongly to graduate students, policy makers, managers and researchers in aviation.' Tae H. Oum, Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) and University of British Columbia, Canada'The aviation industry provides a good backdrop for understanding a variety of economic principals. Introduction to Air Transport Economics offers valuable insight into how the fundamentals of economics apply to aviation. The book covers a broad range of topics from underlying passenger demand to aviation infrastructure. It offers an overview into the dynamic industry environment while using practical industry applications to explain general economic concepts - a great introduction to the world of aviation and explanation for what keeps airlines in the air.' Zane Rowe, Senior Vice President Network Strategy, Continental Airlines'In helping to establish a new international university with a focus on aviation, I have recently had the opportunity to review many books and materials that might be critical as a resource for our future students. The authors' new book, Introduction to Air Transport Economics, is just such a resource. I was privileged to see this book early on, and I was immediately struck with its scope and timeliness. Most importantly, it provides a look at the industry from the keen perspective of a distinguished economist. So, rather than another survey of industry trends, this book takes rigorous, well established economic principles and applies them to the most important aspects of the international aviation industry. Even in areas such as safety and security, the authors provide clear insight to show how it is economics that drives the successful airlines to adhere to the highest standards of safety and security. I believe that this book will be used by faculties and students, worldwide, in their effort to understand, and then manage, the activities of the aviation industry.'Irwin Price, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise University'Dr Vasigh has produced a detailed introduction to the subject of airline economics, covering both the theory and its application to the modern air transportation industry. Students and those already engaged in the industry will find this an illuminating guide to an ever more complex business.'Barry Humphreys, Virgin Atlantic AirwaysIntroduction to Air Transport Economics: From Theory to Application provides a comprehensive treatment of the economics of the commercial air transport industry. Written in easy-to-read, jargon-free English, the book first reviews the fundamentals of economics, using air transport examples, to illustrate concepts related to demand, costs, and competition. Specific chapters then cover, again from an economic perspective, key topic areas, such as the emergence of low cost carriers, international air transport, and aviation infrastructure. The book will be beneficial to those seeking a deeper understanding of the workings of the major players in the air transport industry, including airlines, airports, and aircr

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