• Title: Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind: Reveal Your Magnetic Wealth Vibe. BE Irresistible to Money!
  • Author: Nan Akasha CHT
  • Released: 2010-04-27
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 274
  • ISBN: 1452815127
  • ISBN13: 978-1452815121
  • ASIN: 1452815127
About the Author Nan Akasha, CHT Spiritual Money Attraction and Wealth Creation, Wealth Esteem Coach and Mindset Transformation, Author, International Speaker and Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Meditation teacher. Contributing author to Joe Vitale's "Expect Miracles" & The 'Vibrant Women's Wisdom' Book. “Nan has these huge spiritual wings of light. She asks the most deep, interesting questions” Joe Vitale Nan's uses her vast experience to inspire, uplift and open the minds of her audience. Nan’s radio show, audios, classes and healing circles transform from within. All Nan’s work is dedicated to help you connect to your true inner being and soul’s power using experiential learning, processes and easy to use tools to unleash a life of joyful wealth in all areas. Nan's inspiring, playful, empowering attitude has helped thousands of people worldwide to align with their Soul’s path and attract wealth. She is an expert at going to the core of the issues holding you back in the areas of Money, self worth, limiting beliefs and attraction energy. A joyful mother of twin girls, Emily and Sierra, "JoyfulNan" says "Everything is Opportunity" A 26 year entrepreneur, she has been traveling the world studying and teaching for 22 years. Trained in over 12 healing modalities, Nan has been initiated into numerous master/spiritual paths. Nan’s desire is to find the fastest, easiest, most fun way to create your reality, now. Nan’s “Magnetic Soul Readings”, audio courses and other products ‘free your mind so the wealth will follow’. Determined that there was more to life than hard work and suffering, Nan uncovered how our mind and energy systems work. Several traumatic events in life lead her to seek joy and inner peace no matter what. Challenges including her daughter’s death, an emotionally and financially devastating divorce, lead Nan to dig deep to discover these powerful principles to a fulfilling life. Nan’s Mission: To create a wealthy world full of empowered, joyful people who know their true worth. To inspire connection to how Divine and powerful we all are and how to tap into your Divine abundance. “Nan has a way of condensing law of attraction and metaphysical concepts into an easy to understand and fun way, I thoroughly recommend anything she does!” Neil Long consciouscreationshow.com “Nan has the heart of a lion, if I was lost the sea, I would want her with me. People want to hear what she has to say” Dr. Hew Len, Co-Author of Zero Limits & Ho'oponopono Specialist

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