• Title: Yum! Yum!!
  • Author: Joanne Fitzgerald
  • Released: 2007-11-16
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 32
  • ISBN: 1550418882
  • ISBN13: 978-1550418880
  • ASIN: 1550418882
"Food is a large presence in some of the best-known and best-loved nursery rhymes, and food is the organizing principle behind this delightful collection. . . If the rhymes are delicious, Fitzgerald's watercolour illustrations are delectable."
-- The Globe and Mail

"Fitzgerald ingeniously ties together the diverse collection with her richly detailed, pastel-colored illustrations. . . The artwork will put children's powers of observation to good use as they scour the pictures for their favorites. The clever way the rhymes are tied together makes this collection stand out above the rest - "Yum, yum," indeed."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"In Yum! Yum!!, she (Joanne Fitzgerald) creates a tasty marriage of ingeniously presented rhymes and her own gently old-fashioned illustrations. . . You can easily enjoy the book either as a collection of themed poems and chants or as a spot-the-pig narrative with enchanting details to discover."
-- Quill & Quire

"It is the soft yet very detailed pastel illustrations that tell the story, as the book contains no narration connecting the baker's dozen of individual rhymes. As such, the book is quite versatile, as it could be used as a storybook (with a good naptime/bedtime ending) for preschoolers, or just sampled rhyme by rhyme for the younger child."
-- CM Magazine

"The illustrations have the softness of pastels; the costumed, rounded animal characters' skins look like velveteen, as if the cast were toys. Reinforced by the small, hand-size format, the effect is of a safe haven, a cozy and nostalgic corner scaled to young children."
-- Publishers Weekly

"The small pictures, all in light pastels, are beautifully detailed. The animals are well defined by their expressive faces. Subtle humor abounds."
-- School Library Journal

"Delicious watercolours."
-- Today's Parent

About the Author Joanne Fitzgerald is known for her bright palette, rich detail, and warm, cuddly characters. She has won the Governor General_s Award for her illustrations in Teddy Jam_s Doctor Kiss Says Yes. The Little Rooster and the Diamond Button, her collaboration with author Celia Barker Lottridge, won the Mr. Christie_s Book Award. She is also the illustrator for the board book, When You Get a Baby, written by Sharon Jennings.

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