• Title: Visions, Images and Dreams: Yiddish Film Past And Present, Revised Edition
  • Author: Eric A. Goldman
  • Released: 2011-02-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 286
  • ISBN: 0841914370
  • ISBN13: 978-0841914377
  • ASIN: 0841914370
Review Eric Goldman's VISIONS, IMAGES AND DREAMS is a unique attempt t chronicle every picture produced in the Yiddish language, regardless of national origin...I applaud his filling a gap in the history of Jewish aesthetic pursuits. --Jerusalem Post

A foundational work in the history of Yiddish film...with the tenacity of a detective and the acuity of a cineaste, Goldman tracks down and lays out s the who, what ,where, and how of this magnificent, incandescent, and all too evanescent facet of Yiddish culture. --Jeremy Dauber, Columbia University

Steeped in tradition, rich in culture, laden with emotion (are) the flms Goldman treats (in this) admirable study. --Los Angeles Times

Steeped in tradition, rich in culture, laden with emotion (are) the flms Goldman treats (in this) admirable study. --Los Angeles Times

About the Author Eric A. Goldman is founder and president of Ergo Media, a New Jersey-based video publishing company specializing in Jewish-oriented video. He has been writing and lecturing about Yiddish, Israeli, and Jewish Film since the 1970s and is film reviewer for New Jersey's The Jewish Standard. He is former director of the Jewish Media Service, which was a program resource on film and television for the North American Jewish community. Prior to that, he was curator film for the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and director of the New Jewish Media Project. He has curated and moderated film programs t Hebrew Union College, Yeshiva University, the 92nd street Y and the Center for Jewish History in New York. In 1999, he became artistic director of the Jack Wolgin Jewish Film Festival in Philadelphia. He was also a member of the Educational Advisory Committee of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum In Washington, DC and has served as juror at the Jerusalem International Film Festival and the First International Festival of Jewish Cinema held in Tiberias. He has also produced and directed for radio, Tv, film and Video. Goldman Received a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from NYU and was a fellow of the Max Weinreich Center for Advanced Jewish Studies at Columbia University. He holds graduate degrees in Contemporary Jewish Studies and Theater Arts from Brandeis University and was an adjunct fellow at the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Goldman is presently adjunct associate professor of cincma at Yeshiva University.

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