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Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Nonfiction Usage

Governmental Usage

Human Rights in Korea. Since the late 1950's the regime has divided society into three main classes: "core," "wavering," and "hostile." These three classes are further subdivided into subcategories based on perceived loyalty to the Party and the leadership.

Human Rights in South Africa. These figures represent a decrease in the monthly rate of deaths as a result of police action, compared with the 511 deaths as a result of police action that occurred in the last 8 months of 2000. The ICD's report lists subcategories under deaths in police custody, which include natural causes, suicide, injuries in custody, injuries prior to custody, and possible negligence.

Patent Usage

Custom Composite Image System and Method: Patented by Kenneth A. Walker Jr., Daniel R. Malone and Alexander K. Schowtka on October 31, 2003. Abstract: A system and method for automatically generating composite images from component imaged selected by a system user and incorporating the composite images into an image of a custom product. The user can select component images in any sequence and can delete, add, replace or change component images and colors during the design process. The library component images organized into categories and subcategories for presentation to the user.

Bibliographic Usage

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