• Title: TQFC Book 8: Small Sided Games
  • Released: 2012-10-22
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 50
  • ASIN: B009UUB00U
‘Small Sided Games’ is Book 8 of Coach O’Neill’s TQFC – The Quintessential Football Coach. All of the chapters are available individually or as part of the complete guide!

Welcome to TQFC…The Quintessential Football Coach.

Coach O’Neill’s TQFC is a one-stop guide, handbook and manual for coaching football, covering every area of the game you love. Whether you are a coach, a parent or a player, TQFC will provide you with the tools and know-how to get the most out of your football.

This coaching guide is packed with information, artwork, top tips, techniques, drills and games, and covers everything you need to know, from stretching to shooting, and defending to dietary requirements. Whether you are thinking of implementing new formations or advanced fitness programmes, establishing coaching drills for the perfect Cruyff Turn or introducing some small-sided coaching games, this is YOUR guide.

TQFC can be used to enhance and develop your own coaching sessions or individual training programme. It can be used at a training session or match day on, or used to prepare in advance for a match or training. Accessible on your e-reader, mobile, or on e-reader software on your computer, you can also log onto www.TQFC.net for free access to additional, complimentary material including coaching videos, mind-maps and templates.

About the Author

Coach O’Neill is a fully qualified football/soccer coach; the ‘badge’ was awarded following an intense development program through the FA, supported by Stoke City FC, local league and community soccer clubs. He has worked with teams across different sectors to receive three national excellence awards for contributions to people development/motivation, performance and sports management, and has tried to bring this experience together to produce what is hoped will be a simple, intuitive soccer guide.

Coach O’Neill has many years of practical experience as a coach and a player and supporting ‘grass roots’ football. He has learned and supervised coaching sessions around a range of clubs, with groups and individuals of varying ages and abilities. All of the drills and techniques have been used and represent those which have been the most effective, instructive and more importantly, understandable.

A word from the publisher

JMD Media have provided two options for the e-book customer. ‘TQFC: The Complete Guide’ can be purchased in its entirety, or separately in section-by-section installments. Each chapter in TQFC has been created and published as a separate e-book in its own right, for coaches looking for ideas and development in particular areas.

The TQFC chapters, each available as a separate e-book are:

- Passing
- Aerial Control
- Running with the Ball
- Turning & Dribbling
- Shooting
- Heading
- Defending
- Small Sided Games
- Prep & Process
- Combined Soccer Skills
- Team Tactics
- Coaching Templates

Your only decision is how best to make use of TQFC for yourself.

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