• Title: Everyday Evil: Even When Forgiven, Abuse is Never Forgotten
  • Released: 2011-11-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 304
  • ASIN: B0066VLUOM
From the Publisher REVIEWS

The title says it all. Growing up in a world dominated by two self-centered abusive men, the author had to fight all her life for her mental and physical survival. Marilyn Anne Pate tells her story with painful honesty, not seeking sympathy, but rather opening a door for others who have had similar experiences. Somehow, she endured the sexual molestation of her demonic grandfather as a child, and the constant abuse of her father as an adolescent and young woman. She writes: "Common, everyday evil ones go unrecognized as they diminish, punish, humiliate, abuse and finally destroy the spirit of another." The living hell did not stop until she left home and created a life of her own. As a wife and mother, she learned to forgive, if not forget. Not only does the author tell a page-turning story, she writes with discipline and craftsmanship. It is more than a therapy session--it is art. Perhaps the one good thing her English-teacher father gave her was his facility with language. He used it to deceive and coerce those around him; she uses it to expose him. ~ Jo Baeza, Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ, Author of Ranch Wife, newspaper columnist, writing teacher/editor

Subtle, cunning, baffling are the characteristics of the invisible disease of the family of a raging and controlling father and a terrified mother who can do nothing but escape time and time again. Realistic hope seems all but a pipe dream when what the family members fear (and outsiders cannot or will not see), is so present, so perceptive and so efficient in preserving the systemic oppression. Marilyn Anne Pate masterfully recreates the illusions that ensconce the denial that besets an abused family. This memoir dances effectively between brutal honesty and the inescapable evidence of a little girl grown up with a heart constantly breaking from the love of her father and her mother. ~ The Rev. Dr. Bude VanDyke, Chaplain, St Andrew's-Sewanee School, Sewanee, TN

Mercifully, decades after Marilyn Pate endured physical and emotional trauma, teachers and other professionals now take a stand and report suspected abuse. Marilyn should be looking back on a joyful childhood; instead she looks back at the chilling memories of a mean, mad and miserable father. She is finally able to tell her story. To see Marilyn today is to see a strong, warm-hearted woman who in spite of a dreadful childhood, has triumphed as an adult. The most touching words in Everyday Evil are "That summer I was loved." This memoir should be required reading for every parent. ~ Ellen Sussman, Green Valley, AZ, Freelance writer for the Green Valley News and the Sahuarita Sun

Everyday Evil is the poignant story of a handsome, gifted but emotionally disturbed father and the daily devastation he dispensed to his family. Written by his daughter and eldest child, it will break your heart and give you insights into the emotional needs we all crave to be met. Every father of every age should read this book. ~ Rev. Robert Jenkins, Green Valley, AZ United Methodist Pastor, ret.

Everyday Evil is brutally honest. It is the author's story of her "struggle for sanity, redemption and finally forgiveness." Abuse takes many forms. Marilyn experienced physical brutality, scorn, and sarcasm at the hands of her father. He was an Army Air Corps Provost Marshall, a Tucson police officer and a middle school principal and was harsh at work and at home. He enforced ridiculous rules on his three older children having to do with friendships, dating, school activities and personal hygiene. The much younger child escaped many of the restrictions but suffered in different ways after the others left home. The book has depth; is sad but realistic in terms of insight into dealing with abuse. Everyday Evil is a good read and offers hope and inspiration for others in comparable circumstances. ~ Gael P (Mustapha) Doyle, Tacoma, WA, Author of Surfer Boy, Hula Girl and Haole Girl

A book of hell and a hell of a book. When a family knows today's terror will be repeated tomorrow. The reader wishes this story hadn't happened but knowing that it did will lessen the chances of it happening again. Whatever other awards Marilyn Pate receives for Everyday Evil, she deserves one for the courage and heart she shows in telling her family's tragedy. ~ Allan Meyer, Oro Valley, AZ, Humanities Professor, ret., Author, Right and Wrong-a Useful Fiction, Newspaper columnist for The Oracle

Marilyn Pate's chronicle of growing up with a physically and emotionally abusive father reminds us that the human spirit contains girders of strength. How else could an individual withstand the loss of a mother, a monstrous father, an incestuous grandfather and multiple moves around the country all by the age of nine? Not even the severe mood swings of her father, nor the strength of his hands or words, could demolish her will to live. Everyday Evil inspires us to face our adversities with strength and resolve and to prevail, just as Marilyn Pate did. ~ Lynn Wiese Sneyd, Tucson, AZ, Author of Holistic Parenting and co-author of How Happy Families Happen

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