• Title: Policy Development and Negotiations in International Trade: A Practical Guide to Effective Commercial Diplomacy
  • Released: 0000-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 652
  • ASIN: B00FFE856M
This textbook covers the skills required by practicing professionals involved in the development of government policies affecting trade and the negotiation of international trade agreements, which is called Commercial Diplomacy. Effective Commercial Diplomacy requires a unique set of skills and knowledge not normally taught on an integrated basis by traditional educational institutions, hence the need for a book such as this. Practicing professionals in Commercial Diplomacy include not only the government officials involved in the development of trade policies and the negotiation of trade agreements, but also the representatives of businesses and nonprofit organizations that seek to influence the development of trade policies and negotiation of trade agreements. Any organization affected by the trade policy actions or negotiations of its own government or by foreign governments has to be able to interact effectively with the governments involved, and to do that effectively it needs professionals that have the same set of skills and knowledge as the government officials involved. This book leads readers through the steps an accomplished professional in Commercial Diplomacy must follow in advancing the interests of the organization he/she represents in trade policy decisions, trade negotiations, and the settlement of trade disputes. It covers: The analytical skills and research methods required for an in depth understanding of policy issues that affect international business and investment; The communication and consensus building skills required for influencing national trade policy decisions and negotiating positions; and The negotiating and dispute settlement skills required for the development of international agreements and the resolution of international disputes. In order the effectively carry out these tasks, an accomplished professional requires basic analytical skills in micro and macro economics, politics, domestic and international law, public relations, and a wide range of domestic policies. It also requires effective oral and written communication and negotiation skills. While this book cannot provide comprehensive training in each of these areas of expertise, it can give the aspiring professional in the field a basic grasp and an overview of the skills and knowledge required in the field, and it can give practicing professional the means to refine and upgrade their professional competence. The book is organized into five sections: Section I covers the basic elements of Commercial Diplomacy. Section II covers the basic analytical tools required for understanding the policy implications of a particular trade issue, the range of options available to policy makers and negotiators, and the political process leading to a decision on the issue by the policy makers involved. The chapters are designed to give the practitioner a basic grasp of the analytical tools and methods involved, but not to substitute for the more in depth training required of a professional economist, lawyer, or political analyst. Practitioners of Commercial Diplomacy need to be able to carry out some rudimentary analysis of their own and to understand the results of more in depth analysis carried out by professionals in the requisite field, but will inevitably have to consult with more fully trained professionals for a more in depth professional analysis. Section III covers three forms of communication that a Commercial Diplomat typically uses to persuade others in the process of building consensus at home or in negotiating with foreign governments. The chapters offer skills for effective writing, speaking, and data presentation. Section IV covers the consensus building skills required for influencing stakeholders and decision makers and managing the policy development process. Section V covers the negotiating skills required for the development of agreements with governments and between governments.

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