• Title: Alopecia: The Complete Guide On Treatments and Remedies Stop Hair Loss In Men and Women
  • Released: 2012-04-01
  • Language: English
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Alopecia is actually a very common disease that affects children, as well as men and women. There are a number of causes of alopecia. These causes range from the medical; such as chemotherapy, the psychological, such as disorders wherein people pull out their own hair, to the cosmetics where individuals get hairstyles such as braids that are just way too tight and that damages the follicles of the hair.

There are different forms of alopecia. There is alopecia aleata which is the one that presents with bald patches that may be small or large and can be left alone to correct itself eventually. There is also the type of alopecia that causes complete hair loss on the head but also on other places on the body such as the eyebrows. There is also alopecia that is specific to males, this is called Androgenetic Alopecia.

Men with alopecia usually lose their hairline and it recedes until it goes way back to form a horseshoe on the top of their heads. They are more likely than women to lose all their hair from alopecia. There are medical as well as natural treatments and home remedies for the different types of alopecia. However, the main treatment is usually observation wherein it is watched to see if the hair will grow back in by itself.

Observation is very important since many of the treatments for this disease have serious side effects. As such, if you can deal with the temporary hair loss by wearing a wig, then it is advisable that you do so instead of getting treatments that come with some serious side effects.

Table of Contents
What Is Alopecia : A Medical Definition
What Causes Alopecia
Symptoms Of Alopecia
Treatment For Alopecia
Alopecia In Women
Alopecia In Children
Androgenetic Alopecia
Alopecia Areata
Cures For Alopecia
Home Remedies For Alopecia
Cicatricial Alopecia

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About The Author
Gary Smith has alopecia, the type that causes you to lose all of your hair. He has opted not to use any of the treatment options; not even the hairpieces he bought but never worn. He jokingly says that so many people have to go to the barber to shave their head when he has a naturally built in barber and he does not have to pay the barber fees.

Being comfortable with his own hair loss, he has decided to work with children in in six to twelve year group who are very sensitive about their hair loss and are being teased by their peers.

Albeit not his life work, since he is a veterinarian who also has a ranch with many animals, he does spend a lot of time working with young patients with alopecia. He has support groups and also helps them to get the necessary information available about treatment or the choice not to treat their alopecia so that they do not have to deal with the issues that come with some of the side effects that accompanies some of these treatment options.

One very well-known treatment option is Rogaine. However, even though it is usually very effective, the individual who is using it have to continue using it for the rest of their lives since if they stop using it then the will lose the new hair growth that they had while using this medication.

Smith, albeit is confident that this is an effective treatment for alopecia, still encourages people, especially those who have alopecia aleata to just wait it out until their hair grow back in instead of having to depend on a medication for the rest of their lives.

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