• Title: Vacationing: Webster's Facts and Phrases
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Journalism Usage

Bangladesh - News: April 22, 2007 — Headline: Bangladesh Trying to Exile Battling Begums. Author: Steve Herman. Excerpt: Ms. Hasina has vowed to return home to face murder and extortion charges filed against her while she was vacationing in the United States.

China - News: July 21, 2004 — Headline: Music News: R&B Artists Team Up to Get Out the Vote; Alicia Keys to Perform in China. Author: Mary Morningstar. Excerpt: A British tourist vacationing near Melbourne, Australia bought a suitcase at a flea market for $36. Inside, 41-year-old Fraser Claughton found a cache of priceless Beatles memorabilia that included a four-and-a-half-hour reel-to-reel tape containing previously unrecorded tracks by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, hundreds of photographs, books, magazines and various documents. Fraser says, "It's like finding the end of the rainbow in Australia." After experts verify their authenticity, he plans to sell the items via the Internet.

Cold War - News: December 25, 2001 — Headline: Marking 10 Years After Soviet Union's Demise. Excerpt: Mr. Gobarchev, vacationing in the Crimea, was placed under house arrest and troops were called out into the streets. Thousands of Russians also came out to demonstrate against the coup. Irina Donskaya was among those outside the White House, the seat of the Russian parliament in Moscow. She says she was angry at the hard-liners, those who had detained Mr. Gorbachev and now wanted to turn back the clock.

Egypt - News: January 3, 2004 — Headline: Egyptian Airliner Plunges Into Red Sea; 148 Dead. Excerpt: Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular destination for tourists, and the Red Sea port also frequently hosts international political and economic meetings. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been vacationing in Sharm el-Sheikh, and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was scheduled to meet Mr. Blair at the resort today. … Tourism is one of Egypt's most important sources of hard currency. Sharm el-Sheikh, in addition to being a major resort for diving, is used as a venue for international meetings. Egyptian media reported a meeting there Saturday between Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is vacationing at the resort.

Egypt - News: October 8, 2004 — Headline: Death Toll In Sinai Bombings Reaches 22. Excerpt: The death toll from car bombs that hit three Egyptian Red Sea resorts filled with vacationing Israelis now stands at 22 with more than 100 injured. Authorities expect the figure to rise. … Thursday was the last day of the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Taba and other resorts in the Sinai have been packed with Israeli tourists. More than 30,000 Israelis were estimated to have been vacationing in that part of Egypt at the time of the attack. The Israeli government says it has plans to evacuate up to 15,000 Israelis still in the Sinai.

Egypt - News: October 9, 2004 — Headline: Death Toll In Sinai Bombings Reaches 22. Excerpt: The death toll from car bombs that hit three Egyptian Red Sea resorts filled with vacationing Israelis now stands at 22 with more than 100 injured. Authorities expect the figure to rise. The largest blast brought down a 10-story section of the luxury Taba Hilton Hotel, which sits just meters away from the border with Israel. Shortly afterward, explosions also rocked the resort areas of Nuweiba and Ras al Shitan, further south on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt - News: January 1, 2005 — Headline: Vacationing British Leader Makes First Public Comment on Tsunami Disaster. Excerpt: British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been briefed daily on the unfolding situation, while vacationing in Egypt. But he has been strongly criticized in the British press for not returning to London to coordinate the British relief effort.

EU Deputy Nigel Farage - News: May 13, 2005 — Headline: EU Parliament Leaders Dismiss Planned Motion Against Barroso. Excerpt: News reports last month said Mr. Barroso spent one week last year vacationing on a yacht owned by Greek banking and shipping magnate Spiro Latsis, after his nomination to the EU post.

France - News: March 9, 2002 — Headline: Mont Blanc Tunnel Re-Opens. Excerpt: The first car, a white convertible carrying a vacationing British couple, drove into the French entrance of the Mont Blanc tunnel shortly before 1 pm local time (1200 UTC) , to the cheers of onlookers.

Germany - News: July 11, 2003 — Headline: Italy Launches Effort to Avert Potential German Tourist Boycott. Excerpt: Many Germans consider vacationing to Italy a lot more fun than staying in Germany. But if they do decide to emulate Mr. Schroeder, who will now spend his vacation at home in Hannover, all they will lose is Mediterranean sun and fun. It will be the Italians who will end up paying the price for their politicians' insulting remarks.

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